Month: October 2020

In-Home Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Services Continue Despite COVID-19

When COVID-19 first came to call in spring 2020, Visiting Nurse Homecare and Hospice (VNHCH) experienced a drop in client visits as patients were concerned about having people enter their homes. Over time, VNHCH and their patients realized that in-home care, such as physical therapy and other rehabilitative services, could safely be delivered following safety protocols. The agency wants to build awareness that rehabilitative services like physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy can still take place from the comfort of home. In fact most of their staff therapists say that it’s their preferred place to provide care due to its effectiveness and positive outcomes for their clients, even during COVID-19. During a time of pandemic, these home-based services are both invaluable and practical, as it allows the patient to receive care without leaving the house.