Hospice Wish Fulfillment Program Gives Patients Ability to Heal the Soul

March 25, 2024

Visiting Nurse Home Care & Hospice of Carroll County and Western Maine (VNHCH) hospice services help those who want to remain at home for end-of-life care. This includes services from an interdisciplinary team of nurses, medical social workers, home health aides, hospice physicians, pharmacists, primary care providers, occupational therapists, and volunteers who work together to support individuals and their families in the end-of-life experience. But recently, the agency started an initiative recognizing that care and comfort in hospice extend beyond just the physical needs of each person. That’s the premise behind the agency’s Hospice Wish Fulfillment Program. 

During this sensitive season in a person’s life, there may be one last wish they are waiting to fulfill. VNHCH’s Hospice Wish Fulfillment Program works to grant reasonable local wishes that help inspire and heal the soul while adding life to the time a hospice patient has left. 

Long Term Care & Community Resources Coordinator Ashlee Chaine shared, “It is our honor to share in the lives of those in hospice and our passion to give them the most comprehensive end-of-life experience possible.”

Chaine explained that hospice patient wishes aren’t extravagant but are extremely meaningful to each person. She described some recent wishes from hospice patients:

Making these wishes a reality takes money and resources that are not generally covered through insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or VA benefits. Despite this, VNHCH regularly makes these wishes come true for hospice patients. Community members who want to help make hospice wishes a reality are encouraged to make donations to VNHCH and indicate their donation is for this specific program.

What Is Hospice?

Hospice is a philosophy of care that focuses on quality of life and comfort for people who have a terminal illness.  Hospice is a holistic approach, giving equal focus and importance to individuals’ and their families’ physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. VNHCH’s hospice services include overall support for patient and family; pain and symptom management; medical and nursing care; social services; coordination of medication; and bereavement support. 

Hospice is available to those who have a diagnosis of advanced cancer and many other terminal illnesses including end-stage lung disease, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, dementia, HIV/AIDS, and other conditions. 

Chaine stated in closing, “Now, with our Hospice Wish Fulfillment Program, we are able to provide hospice patients with an invaluable last wish they can’t otherwise afford.”

For more information on hospice and the Hospice Wish Fulfillment Program, visit their website at www.VNHCH.org/hospice or call 603-356-7006 for more information.