Donor Honor Roll

(Fiscal year July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021)

We are grateful to the many donors and supporters in our community who make it possible for us to fulfill our mission. If you wish to make a donation, you may do so online.

Albert Alex

The Allstate Giving Campaign

William and Marjorie Alphen


Tony and Maura Ammendolia


Badger Realty, LLC

Angus Badger and Rachel Vose

Mary Badger

Judith Bailey

Bald Peak Community Fund

Georgette Beaudet

Bob and Sara Bechtold

Beggar’s Pouch Leather

Cheryl Bell

Carol Bennett

Vincent Bennett

Peter and Emily Benson

Ed and Kathy Bergeron

Roger Berry

The Mary Louise Billings Trust

Robert and Joan Billings

Gail Bizer

Bob Bowman and Lori Tradewell

Phyllis Breeden

Dick Brisbois

Allen and Joanne Brooks

Joyce Brown

Carol Bryans

Tom Buco

Briggs and Bobbi Bunker

Charles and Mary Sue Burnham

Carroll Burns

Paul Burns

Legrand Cannon IV

Barbara M. Carleton

David and Rosamond Carlson

Patricia Carney

Larry and Sandra Carr

Carroll County Oil

Janet Hadley Champlin

John and Jeannie Chanley

Candy Chaplin

Anna Cicco

George and Aila Clausen

Wayne Clinton

John Colbath

Carolyn Collins and Janet Chisholm

Mary Conlon

Terri Conlon

Barry and Andrea Consolazio

Joanne Corcoran

Cormack Construction Management Inc.

Frank Cormo

Floyd Corson

Country Cabinets etc., LLC

The Country Picker Moving & Storage

Peter Crane

Cecelia Crapser

Janice Crawford

Jane Cresswell

Myles and Christine Crowe

Nancy Crowther

Cynthia Cutter

Judith Dannenberg

Phil and Joan Davies

Tom and Penny Deans

Robert and Karen Delgado

Linda Derse

Peter and Mary Deveau

Brian and Ann Diskin

Robert and Martha Dix

Irene Dodge

Kathleen Donovan

Susan Donovan

Grace and David Douglas

Hank and Linda Dresch

Margaret Dries

Roland and Bette DuBois

Edna Eastman

Bill and Carol Edmunds

Electrical Installations Inc.

Birdy Ellsmore

Cheryl Emerson

Episcopal Churchwomen

Christ Church

George and Audrey Epstein

Ellen Farnum

Tino and Betty Fernandes

Fidelity Charitable

David and Martha May Fink

Arlene Fleming

Ron and Kim Force

Dick and Holly Fortin

Sarah Fortin

Charles and Ruth Fountain

Judy Fowler

George Fredette

Fryeburg Pool & Spa, LLC

Freedom Firefighters Assn. Ltd.

Gino and Beth Funicella

Joe and Phyllis Gaschott

Lucy Gatchell

Nancy Geiger

Nancy Geissenhainer

Don and Betsy Gemmecke

Lisa Gibson

Scott and Barbara Gleason

David Gotjen and Linda Gray

Bob Grant

Charlyne Gray

Green Granite Foundation Fund

Shirley Gulvin

Karen Gustafson

Nancy Hagar

The Kendal C. and Anna Ham

Charitable Foundation

Anders and Evelyn Hansen

Cynthia Hartford

Elaine Hatch

Merlene Hatch

Patricia Hatfield

Jeff and Jennifer Hayes

Edna Heath

Dick and Helen Hickey

John and Pat Higgins

Janice Hill

Peter Hill

Bob Homes and Pam Abbott

Michelle Holt

Elaine Howard

George Howard

Fred and Debra Howe

Karen Howe

Bill and Julie Hunt

Richard and Cecilia Hunt

Samuel P. Hunt Foundation

Henry F. Hurlburt, III Chartitable Trust

Hope Hutchinson

Walt and Denise Jaronski

Sheila Spencer Jarvis

Eleanor T. Jenkins

Don and Janet Johnson (and Neptune)

Donald and Snow Johnson

Dan and Trina Jones

Patricia Jones

William Jones

Phyllis Kaczynski

Mark and Susan Keenan

Walter and Catherine Keirans

Barry and Pamela Keith

Dan and Judy Kennedy

Martin and Brenda Killourie

Ken and Sarah Kimball

Arthur King

Doris Kirk

Kiwanis Club of Mount

Washington Valley

Marie Knox

Russ and Joan Lanoie

Lydia Lansing

Maurice and Diane LaRoche

Roy Larson, Jr.

Joe Lentini and Ruth Hamilton

Michel and Paula Lessard

Liberty Mutual

Robert Lincoln

Don and Carol Ann Litchko

Myrna Lloyd

Janice Lord

Phyllis Lothrop

Daniel and Lauren Lounsbury

Mark and Mary Lucy

Fran and Marilyn Lyons

Kelly Maccario

Clarence and Rita Madore

John Mahony

William and Carol Manley

Marshall Family Fund

Donald and Pat Mason

Andrea Masters and Elaine Stockbridge

Mathu’s Home Improvement

May Kelly’s Cottage

Robert and Ann McGraw

Brad McKenzie and Virginia Ward

Fay Mcleod

John and Wendy McVey

Memorial Hospital-Med Staff

Alfred F. Miesemer

Kate Milbury

Elaine and Stanley Millen

Henry Mock

Dennis and Susan Morgan

Kelly Morris

The Clarence E. Mulford Trust

Douglas and Dawn Mulvey

Bob and Jean Murphy

Sam and Jane Nesbitt

Edward and Melody Nester

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

North Country Fair Jewelers

North Country Health Consortium

Northeast Auto Body, Inc.

Northway Bank

Herb and Ginny Oedel

Oleonda Jameson Trust

David and Sally Olson

Elaine Paez

Gail Paine

Hal Parker

Bob and Linda Parrish

Paypal Giving Fund

Jorge Paz

Joan L. Penn

John and Alice Pepper

Jane Perley

Robert and Lucy Philbrick

Lee and Meg Phillips

Anne Pillion

Patricia Pitcher

Richard Plusch

Carole Pralle

Prince and Bergin Designated Fund

Walter Pristawa

Profile Technologies

Charlie and Rebekah Pugh

John Putnam

Ken and Jane Rancourt

John Reddy and Donna Perry

Marilyn Rodes

Jeff and Val Rothen

Mary Ruka

Brett and Cindy Russell

Joke Russell

Dana Russian

Joseph and Lucille Russo

John Santuccio

Diane Sarette

Glenn and Sonni Saunders

Ray and Arden Schoen

Marten and Patricia Schoonman

Beth Schurman

Bob and Suzanne Scolamiero

Peg Scully

Gary and Cathy Shackford

Megan Shapiro

Mary Shea

Jean Simon

Tony and Jenny Simone

Nicholas Skinner

Dolly Small

Kay Smith

Kirk and Anne Smith

Noel and Linda Smith

John Stanko

Leo Stevens

Al Stewart and Paula Marini

Nancy Stewart

Dick and Kathy Stewart

Bob Streeter and Amy Carter

Daniel Sukis

Anna Swan

Arlene Swartz

T. Rowe Price

Bob Tafuto

Mike Tamulis and Laraine Cormack

Tamworth Farmer’s Market

Charles Taylor

Richard Timko

James and Janice Tully

Jim and Karen Umberger

United Way of Southern Maine

Dick and Shirley VanDyne

Gloria Vasconcellos

William Volk

Bill and Norma Wadsworth

Larry and Ann Walrod

Helen Wasco

Fred and Joyce Watson

John and Tracy Weitz

Carol Westervelt

Weston’s Farm

White Mountain Oil & Propane

White Mountain Photography

Allen and Betsey White

Bertram and Dorothea Whittaker

Herbert Whittemore

Whittier Lions Club

Edward and Willa Wolcott

David Wood

Stephen Woodcock

Jeff Woods and Amy Burns

Workplace Modular Systems LLC

Ted and Sharon Wroblewski

Bob Yanuck and Robin Kosstrin